Empower target communities through the provision of technical assistance and supplementary support


Improve traditional technology which is already practiced by target communities, so as to raise its effectiveness in responding to present problems


Develop, test and disseminate the appropriate technology relevant to the need of target communities in the context of improving their living standard and their self reliance


Develop an interactive and cooperative network with other development stakeholders (public sector, private sector, NGO community, University community and International Development organisations) dealing with similar issues

Direct Partnership

YDD cooperates directly with target communities and/or local stakeholders who need assistance

Capacity and Capability Building

YDD conducts various trainings and provides post-training support. Although not always, the target groups of these activities are often personnel from other NGOs & CBOs

Yayasan Dian Desa

YDD started as a small, informal group consisting of three activist technical students who expressed an interest in the development and application of appropriate technology for rural development. Activities started in 1968 and until 1972 were still in the form of an informal organization. In 1972, that group was registered as a formal organization and became known as Yayasan Dian Desa (Dian Desa Foundation).

About Us

For many people throughout rural Indonesia, “Dian Desa” has come to mean a better quality of life. A better life means not only the improvement of living conditions, but also a sense of empowerment. YDD’s working principle is to spread the use of appropriate technology to provide sustainable solutions for development throughout Indonesia. Working as a catalyst, YDD introduces new ideas to communities which are then refined, maintained, and spread by the villagers themselves.

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In general picture of activities and experiences of organization cover the following sectors: clean water and sanitation, waste water treatment, renewable energy, micro finance and small industry.

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