Yoshimura Kiln

Salah satu lembaga partner Yayasan Dian Desa dalam pengembangan Tungku Sehat Hemat Energi adalah Yayasan Dian Tama, Kalimantan.
Fokus kegiatan Yayasan Dian Tama banyak bergerak di bidang agroforestry dan training arang. Dan atas seijin Mr. Yoshimura (a Japanese charcoal maker), Yayasan Dian Tama memodifikasi tungku pembakaran Yoshimura Kiln.
Di link ini kamu bisa membaca How to Make and Operate The Yoshimura Kiln, Black Charcoal Kiln.


Yoshimura StoveThe Yoshimura kiln is most appropriate for hilly or high elevation regions. This kiln has become the choice of charcoal makers around Pontianak because it is simpler in construction and operation than other large kilns, such as the Iwate kiln. The Yoshimura kiln floor, walls, firing hole and the upper portion of 4 chimneys are made from bricks. The inner chimneys, kiln cover, kiln cap and grate are made of iron. This use of iron means that the Yoshimura kiln is relatively expensive. The iron parts can only be obtained in urban areas where there are skilled metalworkers. One difficulty for potential charcoal makers is the high investment required for this kiln.

From Dian Tama’s experience the operation of the Yoshimura kiln is not difficult and produces very high quality charcoal. Charcoal makers in areas where Dian Tama has provided training and extension prefer the Yoshimura kiln because loading the raw materials and extracting the raw materials is done from the top of the kiln, not through the firing hole.
Operation time is generally between 70-120 hours. The temperature of the Yoshimura kiln reaches 350ºC at the chimney. According to the theory, the temperature inside the kiln is three times the temperature in the chimney. Therefore, the temperature inside the Yoshimura kiln can reach as high as 1,050ºC.
In this simple training manual, not only will you learn to build and operate the Yoshimura kiln, but through this process you will understand the lighting, carbonization, refining and cooling process required for almost all good and efficient charcoal kilns. With this understanding, you will easily be able to understand and adopt almost any kiln according to your needs.

How to Make and Operate The Yoshimura, Black Charcoal Kiln

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