In general picture of activities and experiences of organization cover the following sectors:

From the point of view of implementation, YDD’s development activities can be classified as follows:

  • Direct Partnership with Target Communities and Local Stakeholders. YDD cooperates directly with target communities and/or local stakeholders who need assistance. Those cooperations are realized in the form of technical assistance and other types of assistance in order to solve the problems and needs of respective communities. In this context, YDD only assists communities who are willing to help themselves. Various inputs and support from external support agencies (ESA), such as from bilateral, multilateral and non governmental organisations, serve as matching support.
  • Human Resource Capacity and Capability building, especially to increase and strengthen the community based development actors. In this case, YDD conducts various trainings and provides post-training support. Although not always, the target groups of these activities are often personnel from other NGOs & CBOs. The topics covered are varied and depend on the needs of the respective target groups and the problems identified in their working areas.
    Besides that, YDD plays a facilitating role in the development of cooperation amongst other NGOs/CBOs in order to enable them to help each other. This facilitating role is realized in various networks, for examples:

    • Arecop: a cooperation platform and network of organisations in Asia deal with biomass energy. This networking and capacity building program is supported by DGIS and in this case YDD acts as the coordinator and administrator of this program
    • Approtech Asia: Network of NGOs in Asia dealing with the development of appropriate technology. This network is governed by a management board and YDD’s director served as chairperson of that board. Daily activities of this network are conducted by executive secretariate located in Manila
    • CIUD (Community Involvement in Urban Development): Cooperation network among NGO & CBO dealing with urban development issues. In this case YDD acts as coordinator to manage this network. This network has several topics of focus such as Urban Micro Economic (such as micro enterprise, street vendor, etc); Urban Social Issues (such as street children, urban heritage, etc), and Urban Sanitation & Micro Infrastructure
    • Apex (Asian People Exchange): Cooperation network between Indonesian and Japan NGOs dealing with appropriate technology
    • ENERGIA nternational network on gender and sustainable energy, founded in 1996. ENERGIA works in Africa and Asia through and with our regional and national gender and energy networks. YDD acts as the Indonesia National Focal Point of ENERGIA. ENERGIA operations from the point of view that projects, programmes and policies that explicitly address gender and energy issues will result in better outcomes, in terms of the sustainability of energy services as well as the human development opportunities available to women and men
  • Mainstreaming; to incorporate the community-based approach into mainstream development. In this case, development mainstreaming means major development conducted by government, bilateral or multilateral development agencies and the private sector.
    In this case, YDD is active as a service provider in various development programs conducted by government or international bilateral/multilateral agencies during the planning stages, project design development and/or project implementation.
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