Small Industry

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The aim of YDD’s small industry activities is to improve the value of small industry products and improve family income generating activities.

YDD’s approach to supporting small industry development can be classified as follows:

  • Improve existing small industries in productivity, quality and product management
  • Improve existing small industries’ competitive edge and ability to respond to the dynamics of market demand
  • Product development – especially focusing on underutilized materials leading to productive employment creation
  • Market Link and Development

Example: Utilisation of Under Utilised Marine Products

One coastal community product which remains under utilised is the fish skin. YDD organizes and trains coastal communities on how to collect and preserve fish skin, which harnesses a key opportunity for additional employment and income. The processed fish skins are then made into various products for sale, resulting in productive employment creation for the urban jobless (pictured below).

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Marketing is a key factor in making each respective program sustainable. To address this need, YDD cooperates with and develops a network with various social enterprises. One marketing outlet in Yogyakarta is shown on the left.

Agro Processing – Technical Assistance for Cottage Industries

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YDD has also been involved with the training, facilitation and market development of agro processing for the community cottage industry. This has included the introduction of solar dryers in order to improve product quality (above), as well as processing technology for palm sugar production to improve product quality and enable the industry to better respond to international market demand (right).

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