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Helping Communities Help Themselves

For many people throughout rural Indonesia, “Dian Desa” has come to mean a better quality of life. A better life means not only the improvement of living conditions, but also a sense of empowerment. YDD’s working principle is to spread the use of appropriate technology to provide sustainable solutions for development throughout Indonesia. Working as a catalyst, YDD introduces new ideas to communities which are then refined, maintained, and spread by the villagers themselves.

YDD seeks a balance: to keep the concerns and traditions of the people as the top priority, while also being critical of unsustainable practices. Using a ‘self-help’ approach to build the capability and capacity of people, all projects draw upon local resources and expertise, and give individuals and communities ownership and responsibility for the projects.

YDD is a local Indonesian NGO that has been operating on national, regional, and local levels since its inception in 1972. Programs and projects at YDD have evolved over the years, based on the changing needs of the communities it serves.  Past programs include:

  • Coastal Area Development / Aquaculture
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Community Involvement in Urban Development

Due to Dian Desa’s experience with ground-level project implementation, it has become a hub for international aid groups and local partners to put their plans into action.   At present Dian Desa divides into five program divisions:

In addition, Dian Desa has a branch office in Kupang, West Timor, which helps coordinate projects throughout Eastern Indonesia.

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