Goals & Objectives

Organisation’s Goal and Objectives

The  general  goal  of  Yayasan  Dian   Desa   is  to  assist low-income communities in improving their living standards through the utilization of appropriate technology and participatory & self-help processes.

The main objectives of YDD are:

  • Develop, test and disseminate the appropriate technology relevant to the need of target communities in the context of improving their living standard and their self reliance.
  • Improve traditional technology which is already practiced by target communities, so as to raise its effectiveness in responding to present problems.
  • Empower target communities through the provision of technical assistance and supplementary support.
  • Act as a go-between for target communities and the Government and/or international development organizations.
  • Provide training to other NGOs or young generations interested in development in general or appropriate technology in particular.
  • Provide services especially in the context of community development and appropriate technology. Among others, these services include technical assistance, study & analysis, planning, pilot action development, etc.
  • Develop an interactive and cooperative network with other development stakeholders (public sector, private sector, NGO community, University community and International Development organisations) dealing with similar issues.